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Quiet Forest

Jamie's current project, THE TOLL ON THE MIGHTY, is a new take on the traditional second world fantasy epic.  Featuring a feel similar to classics like the Wheel of Time, a structure more akin to the Gentlemen Bastards, and a diverse cast, this first novel in a planned trilogy follows the story of Ander, a boy from the outskirts of the Old Kingdom, and his three friends as they grow into adulthood in a realm suddenly beset by a trio of mysterious, seemingly unrelated threats.  Together and apart, the four mature as individuals, learn to work magic, and meet creatures out of myth on a journey that will eventually lead them to discover a secret that may prove the land's salvation – or their own doom.

THE TOLL ON THE MIGHTY is now on submission with select editors.  If you have any questions regarding the title, please contact Jamie's agent, Aida Z. Lilly at

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